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GANT Fall/Winter 2015/16 Footwear Collection

General Overview
Tightly linked to Gant apparel, the footwear collection is developed around the same three seasonal themes as set by Gant’s head creatives. Essentially, this translates into an exploration of Gant’s story through our shoes in the most clear and honest way possible.
As we move into the future, it’s important to keep in mind that Gant is slowly transforming into a credible contemporary fashion brand – heavily based in American sportswear but with a strong focus on infusing collections with a sophisticated European touch. Although historically associated with a collegiate Ivy League lifestyle, we are now looking to branch into the realm of postgraduate styleconscious careerists focused on shaping their own unique path.
Nouveau Prep
In this clean and sharp-looking direction, we pay homage to our heritage by using preppy detailing in an understated, elegant fashion. In short, it’s about classics worn in a personal and unexpected way.
To set the tone, we envision a modern couple living in their New York apartment – rustic wooden floors, plastered walls, cognac, black and navy interiors come to mind. Their carefully curated home possesses an air of professional strictness while still exuding character and quiet confidence.
Last Days On The Beach
The second delivery brings us closer to the piers of New York without veering into deep nautical territory. Slightly more utilitarian, this theme is made for coping with September chills without losing sight of the exclusive sophistication that bears our name. Here is where Americana and workwear influences enter the collection to illustrate the more casual side of Gant. Note that for the ladies, we have chosen to incorporate a tad more elegance to render this transition as natural as possible.
Winter Whites
This theme represents the most sophisticated and luxurious part of the collection. A light color spectrum is combined with cognac or natural leather, with details such as quilting and gold-embossed logos distinguishing this fresh look from the rest of the collection.
The color palette used for the Fall / Winter 2015-16 GANT footwear collection goes hand in hand with the apparel; in order to achieve a harmonious rather than overwhelming effect, some shoe colors have been tweaked while others are completely new.
Rooted in Ivy League tradition, the base of the color range is built on classic Gant shades – navy, burgundy, grays – and paired with distinct seasonal hues. Gray, white, cream and camel are the key shades of the season. The men’s collection focuses on modern grays and whites, while the ladies’ covers the full spectrum. As Gant moves toward more contemporary expression, black becomes increasingly important, especially in combination with other darker colors such as navy.
In terms of logos, we largely stick to the gold-embossed, even if we also have them tonally embossed or embroidered. Metal trimmings often come in gold with a dull surface finish.